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Evolution + Electronica =

Evolectronica, which is all about breeding electronic music. That's right, breeding as in breeding dogs, cats or horses. How does it work? We start by building audio loops from randomly chosen sounds and effects. We stream the loops over the internet to your audio player. When you feel like it, you tell us which loops you like or don't like. The good loops get more chances to reproduce and make baby loops. We stream the baby loops to you and... you guessed it, the music just gets better and better.

Of course, like natural evolution, it takes time for real beauty to emerge. We need real humans to judge the quality of the music, because computers can't do that yet (and would you want them to?). Everything has to be listened to by a real person, but only the clinically insane would listen for hours and hours on end. That's why we built Evolectronica as a communal music making experience, so that you can come and go as you please. It doesn't matter how many loops you rate or how long you listen for. You can do something else at the same time — in fact, we strongly recommend it! We guarantee that each time you visit you'll hear something totally new and exciting.

We stream several channels simultaneously and we'll try to have a mixture of primordial soup and highly evolved music available at any one time. Each channel page has an "evolutionary history" section where you can hear a kind of time-lapse summary of how the music evolved. When it's time to retire a channel and start afresh, we'll archive the old channels for posterity.

Join the community - become an Evolectronican today! Then you'll be able to post your thoughts on the site and maybe feature in the Hall of Fame.