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Evolectronica will be retiring soon

Don't worry, the evolutionary musical adventure will continue on our sister site DarwinTunes. While working on the DarwinTunes project, we made some technological improvements to the algorithm, and also we prefer the less cluttered website. We don't really need polls, forums, t-shirts, popup windows, chat rooms, etc...

So, we're going to have a few channels (maybe three) on DarwinTunes - at least two with drum samples.

User registration and the hall of fame doesn't seem to be worth continuing on DarwinTunes - what do you reckon? Feedback and community interaction seemed to work well on Twitter and Facebook.

And one thing we hope to bring in in the future is an integrated media player and rating system (all in Flash in your browser).

Any comments? Maybe you have a better idea to create a community vibe for Evolectronica/DarwinTunes? Please let us know, either here or on the DarwinTunes Facebook group.

Now... what do I do with 100+ business cards?