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I'm using Linux. Can I use Evolectronica?

Yes, definitely. And it shouldn't take hours of tweaking either!

Here's a list of players we have tested:

Recommended: audacious

This works out of the box on Ubuntu.

Recommended: xmms

It may be older than some of our users, but the good thing about xmms is that it's just a music player. It doesn't try to take over your life or music collection. You may need to configure it to show the track names (see below), but that only takes 10 seconds. We've also found that you have to press the play button to get it started.

Telling xmms to show streaming track titles:

  • click the tiny 'O' or right click on the player and go to the Options submenu
  • select 'Preferences'
  • in the 'Audio I/O Plugins' tab, select the input plugin 'MPEG Layer 1/2/3 Player' and then the 'Configure' button
  • nearly there... select the 'Streaming' tab and then make sure the "Enable SHOUT/Icecast title streaming' checkbox is checked
  • OK/Apply your changes and restart xmms

While you are in preferences, you should reduce the output buffer size from 3000ms to 1000ms (Output plugin -> Configure). This seems to improve track name synchronization.

Unfortunately, xmms isn't available in many recent Linux distributions. Ubuntu users could try this third party repository which provides a ready-made xmms application. (Note: Bob the site owner uses xmms in Ubuntu most of the time for listening to Evolectronica.)

Final, but useful xmms tip: the scrolling track name (in the default skin at least) is a bit annoying and difficult to read. Instead, use the loop number in the row of window tabs at the bottom of your (Gnome at least) desktop. Alternatively, you can minimise the xmms player, but have the playlist showing (minimised if you like).

Could work for you: VLC

This is a more modern player, but some versions don't show track names and some have glitchy audio. Worth a try if it's already installed.

Works, but only just: Amarok

This player has all the bells and whistles. However, it seems to display the track name change far too early. Your mileage may vary!

Not tested

RealPlayer, Kaffeine, Noatun. Send in your reports as comments below and we'll soon have all the bases covered.